Master Menopause & Midlife

A high-touch mentorship for high-impact women ready to do the mental, emotional and spiritual work to step into their greatest power, confidence and joy in midlife.

with Ashley Turner, LMFT


Stop the stigma.

Menopause is not a mistake.

In order to reclaim the meaning, magic and power of midlife, we must address the unique psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of this phase of life.

Midlife Is A Reckoning

Why do so many women feel like they don't recognize themselves? Along with the impact of dropping hormones...


If you have not healed core wounds, unresolved trauma, family-of-origin, boundary, or relationship issues – they will be unavoidable in and shape the direction of midlife.

We reach an emotional threshold (cue: irritability, rage, anxiety, depression and sadness).

Without the extra hormonal buffer, we simply cannot tolerate things that we may have been able to or "put up with" in the past.

The problem?

The majority of support and education on menopause focuses primarily on the (crucial) physical needs – how to balance hormones and optimize a radically changing body and brain.

While physical health is the foundation of our care – we need MUCH more support for the profound psychological shifts, changing needs, identity and mental-emotional health challenges of midlife.

Peri/menopause can cause a myriad of psycho-spiritual struggles that need to be addressed to with great skill, attention and guidance.

Master midlife and move through peri/menopause with vitality, confidence and a renewed sense of power.

It's not enough to just balance your hormones during menopause. In Metamorphosis, you will...

  • Thrive. Learn to optimize your mental, emotional and spiritual health (including hormones) during the most important transition of your life
  • Heal. Get the support and guidance you need to finally resolve nagging, leftover core wounds, traumas and patterns holding you back
  • Embody "Woman Power". Own your magnetic, intuitive, wise, emotionally-connected Feminine Force
  • Turn yourself on. Become your most sensual, embodied, dynamic and sexy self
  • Become a Pro-Aging Advocate. Reclaim and model the esteem and reverence of "The Wise Woman"

Join us on our mission to rebrand midlife and menopause to be your best years yet!

Who This Is For...
Soulful, High-Impact, Midlife Women in:


Wanting to be empower and educate themselves to properly prepare for the biggest physical and psychological transformation of their lives.

(whether you are struggling with symptoms or not)

Determined to master your health, mood, emotions, tackle aging in an ageist culture and achieve your brightest vision for midlife and beyond.


Who feel like they did not adequately address their hormonal or psychological needs during menopause and want to amp up their confidence, clarity, energy and verve for life.

Do you feel like you need to...

  • Improve your energy, sex life, lose weight and feel great again
  • Alleviate brain fog, depression, anxiety and sleep issues
  • Process the heavy emotions that may arise in midlife (grief, anger, regret, depression, disappointment)
  • Feel like you're not alone, share and commune with other high-impact, soul-driven women
  • Find a safe place to be heard, seen and own the challenges and wins
  • Join a community to celebrate this transition, honor it and complete rituals to turn perimenopause into your most positive transformation yet


Metamorphosis: Midlife & Menopause Mastery

Part Intimate Mentorship

Part Alchemy
Part Mystery School

Mostly a Rare, Personal Chrysalis

...to help you master midlife and menopause from a holistic perspective.


Licensed Psychotherapist • Yoga-Meditation Expert • Psychedelic Therapist

Ashley's mission is to reshape the narrative around menopause and help women thrive during this powerful threshold of initiation. Her 360º approach focuses on the needs of body, mind, psyche and Spirit. Menopause unexpectedly sent Ashley into a "Dark Night of the Soul". Now, she's obsessed with helping you thrive and reclaim your power, voice, vitality and vision in midlife & beyond.

What you'll learn:


The Four Cornerstones of Vitality & Health in Perimenopause

  • Physical Health is the foundation of perimenopause
  • Optimize your hormones, bloodwork, fitness & nutrition
  • Learn Ayurvedic frameworks and antidotes for the "Dosha Deficiencies" of midlife
  • Identify and cement the new habits of your upleveled lifestyle and vibrant health
  • BONUS: Yoga practices for Menopause & Sleep Solutions


The Menopausal Mind:
Mental & Emotional Health

  • Implement science-based tools for immediate relief from depression, anxiety, overwhelm, loss of confidence and agency – common symptoms of menopause
  • Release lingering, unresolved trauma and core wounds with proven psychology practices & shadow work
  • Master Carl Jung's Seven Developmental Tasks of "Middle Life" for inner peace and freedom


The Heroine's Journey

  • Use Maureen Murdock's map of The Heroine's Journey as a framework to rise into our full "Woman Power" in midlife
  • Take a stand for vibrant, Pro-Aging in an Ageist Culture
  • Dismantle your "Internalized Patriarchy"
  • Do the shadow work to heal gender prejudice
  • Heal "The Mother Wound" and "The Father Wound"


Nervous System and Sexual Healing

  • Eradicate "Hustle Culture"
  • Recondition yourself and your lifestyle to support your nervous system
  • Womb Healing ritual
  • Reclaim your sensuality, sexuality and the deep pleasure of midlife
  • Embody your erotic, wild, feminine nature


Aging As a Spiritual Practice & Making Meaning

  • Identify your "Legacy Vision", unmet needs and deepest desires to realign your life and live on purpose
  • Reshape the narrative of midlife with archetypes from different traditions and the myths that define them
  • Write your "Spiritual Memoir" to assess and make meaning of your Soul's Journey thus far


Embody The Empress

  • Guided by an ancient Chinese text, we'll study and embody the archetypal "Empress"
  • Crystallize your personal vision for midlife and beyond
  • Take the throne of a fearless Elder, High Priestess and a "Wise (fucking powerful!) Woman"

75% of women experience mood changes during perimenopause.

Women are 40% more likely to experience depression in perimenopause.

~ Journal of Affective Disorders, University College London

Kind words...

“Ashley works on a deep level and I’m always amazed at her knowledge of multiple modalities and psychology. And she’s a really compassionate and tuned in teacher. I’ve watched her guide people to shift and change in ways that really matter. SUBSTANCE.”

– Danielle LaPorte | Creator of The Desire Map & Heart Centered Leadership

"Ashley's unique and powerful teaching transcends the physical; she seamlessly incorporates psychology, shadow work, and philosophy to craft a truly exceptional, multi-dimensional journey of healing, personal evolution, and enduring transformation."

– Seane Corn | Yoga-Meditation Expert, Activist, Bestselling Author

Enter the Sanctuary.

You are not alone on this journey. Join in sacred sisterhood to complete the rituals and rites of passage necessary to help us heal and integrate all that has come before in order to unapologetically embody our full power, joy and wisdom.


BONUS: When you join by Sunday, June 2nd.

A special workshop to heal the "Mother Wound", reparent and nurture your "Inner Child".


By midlife, we have been initiated by womb journeys of all kinds. This yoga ritual honors the wisdom and resilience of your womb – our true power center.


Ashley leads an in-depth transmission and activation of The Wise Woman. Reclaim and learn to aspect her qualities from multiple lineages and traditions.


Our Final Ceremony to cross the threshold of initiation into Menopause and Midlife with pride, elegance, impeccability and grace.

Thoroughly unprepared, we step into the afternoon of life. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.

— Carl Gustav Jung

Guest Expert Sessions

Our guest teachers are experts in menopause and midlife – bringing you decades of experience and the in-depth knowledge and tools you need to thrive on every level.

Functional Nutritionist

Hormones, Bloodwork, Nutrition & Supplementation
How to balance hormones through nutrition and recommended functional lab windows.

Hormone & Midlife Metabolism Expert, Bestselling Author

Step into Your Future Epic Health
Optimize your mindset, energy, brain function, hormones and metabolic health.

Ayurveda Expert

Live Like You Love Yourself
Ayurveda perspectives, protocols and dinacharya practices for Perimenopause and Menopause.

Yoga Nidra Expert, Author of Radical Rest & Luminous Self

Yoga Nidra & Radical Rest for Midlife

Attune to your most luminous self. How to rewire your nervous system and life to prioritize and receive deep rest.

Licensed Psychotherapist, Author of Boundary Boss

Boundaries & High-Functioning

Find your voice. Clarify and uphold robust boundaries to dramatically improve your relationships, confidence and life.

C-IAYT, Yoga/Meditation Expert, Author, Activist

Somatic Yoga for Trauma Resolution & Nervous System Healing
Learn Susanna's personal practice for rest, recovery and nervous system and trauma healing in midlife.

Meet Ashley.

Ashley Turner is a licensed Depth Psychotherapist, has taught yoga and meditation for over 24 years, is a Priestess, presenter and psychedelic therapist.

After an IVF journey and birthing her miracle baby at 46 years old, she launched into a two year struggle with perimenopause resulting in debilitating depression, anxiety, loss of confidence, brain fog and insomnia (among other symptoms). This prompted her to dig deep into the science, psychology and spiritual journey of midlife and become a Menopause advocate.

As a pioneer in the field of holistic mental health, Ashley fuses yoga, meditation, breath work, neuroscience, ritual, shadow work and psychedelics to create lasting change in her clients and students.

She has toured with rockstars, teaches Oscar and Grammy winners and coaches Forbes 500 executives. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, Women's Health, Self, Health and Shape magazine, among others.

Menopause & Mental Health Expert Ashley Turner, LMFT

Her most recent venture, The Haven – A Yoga & Holistic Mental Health Membership, is changing the shape of online yoga and meditation by incorporating proven psychology tools, trauma resolution and group support.

Ashley has graced such lists as:

  • Top 100 Psychology Websites by FeedSpot
  • Top 100 Yoga Teachers in the United States by Yoga Journal
  • Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness by MindBodyGreen


What People Are Saying

"Ashley Turner is an angel on Earth. She is an amazing woman, teacher, coach, and mentor. She was an answer to my prayers. I'm so grateful for her and all she does. I highly recommend taking her courses and becoming a member. Your life will change for the better. Thank you Ashley!"

- Monica Torres (Bronx, NYC)

"Ashley's work has been my refuge in challenging times and a source of joy and healing. She offers a sacred space for anyone looking to deepen, learn and be inspired by the best teacher and mentor. I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this community! Thank Ashley for sharing your passion, knowledge, and beautiful energy!

- Ana Melganejo (Dallas, TX)

Piper Spurgeon

"If you are on the fence about joining just do it! The content Ashley shares is top notch. She always overdelivers!"

- Piper Spurgeon (Franklin, IN)

You're Metamorphosis journey includes...

• Monthly LIVE Training with Ashley (90 min)

• Monthly LIVE Coaching & Small Group Call with Ashley (60 min)

• Monthly LIVE Guest Expert Training (60 min)

• Beautiful, custom mobile/desktop App to convene with a highly curated circle of peers

• Womb Wisdom & Healing Ritual

• Wise Woman Transmission & Activation

• Final "Threshold Crossing" Ritual & Rite of Passage


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

The Metamorphosis Mentorship is $5,000 for a 6 month, high-touch coaching, mentorship and intimate support group with Ashley. You may also choose a 6-month payment plan to make the program more accessible.

Does it matter if I'm not yet in menopause or already post-menopausal?

Nope! Wise choice. If you're just getting started, we think this is the best way to start gathering the information and support you need to make this transition as seamless as possible.

When can I get started?

Our online platform and the Mentorship opens on Thursday, June 13th. We can't wait to have you join us inside our beautiful, custom mobile and desktop app. Thank you for your patience and grace as we roll out this new program.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You will have to the replays of all trainings, guest expert sessions and coaching calls until January 1st, 2025. We hope that you can join us in-person, but you can always revisit any material and the recordings if you cannot join us live for the calls.

I have more questions. Can I speak with somenoe?

Yes! Of course. We'd love to help you determine if Metamorphosis is the right program to support you in your midlife empowerment. You may book a Clarity Call with Ashley here.

How do I know it's for me?

If you are in pre-menopause, peri-menopause or post-menopausal and feeling like you need more support on your mental, emotional or spiritual journey through midlife -- this program is for YOU! Ashley's mission is to DEEPLY support all people and help alleviate the wide-ranging symptoms from irritability, to feeling alone, not knowing where to turn, to dealing with the rage/anger/unresolved trauma that may arise to just "not feeling like yourself anymore".

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun and success if you show up and contribute to the live calls, but you can also use the mentorship as a more straightforward online course and watch the replays at your leisure, if you'd like.  

Will I have access to Ashley?

Yes! This is the most affordable way to get more personalized work with Ashley. You can submit your questions ahead of time for our monthly coaching calls and Ashley working with several women live each month. She will address as many questions as possible. You are also welcome to work with Ashley on-on-one in her VIP Coaching program, if you desire more support. 

What's your refund policy?

Due to online nature of this program, all purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. Thank you for your understanding.


Find your power faster. Join Us!

This six-month mentorship is exactly what you need to reconnect with yourself, rebrand menopause and reclaim your magic in midlife.