300 HR Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training


Ashley Turner

in Venice Beach, CA


Learn to live & teach yoga as mind-body-heart medicine.

Yoga Psychology

Therapy in the yoga room

300 HR Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training


Ashley Turner

in Venice Beach, CA

A thoughtfully designed, cutting-edge fusion of yoga, meditation, depth psychology, neuroscience, leadership and business training for yoga teachers, clinicians and dedicated students.

  • Deepen your yoga study.
  • Radically expand your teaching or clinical practice.
  • Differentiate in a crowded marketplace.
  • Serve your clients and students with the most high-caliber, comprehensive integration of east and west.
  • Dive into a personal journey of self-discovery, shadow work and healing.

A holistic, therapeutic approach to healing through Yoga Psychology.

Learn to skillfully fuse east and west in an accessible, results-oriented, scientifically grounded way.


We don’t need more asana. We need more transformation.

“As a collective, we’re realizing that yoga is not just about asana. The physical practice is often a gateway for self-realization and inner breakthroughs, but there’s a trend of students craving deeper, sustainable change in their lives”

When I started teaching yoga 16 years ago, I noticed students having breakthroughs on every level – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Initially, I didn’t have the skill set or language to help them understand what was happening or deal with their lives off the mat.

What was actually going on in the brain, body and psyche during yoga and meditation? I wanted to know “WHY” yoga works and “HOW” I could help even more.

I decided to get my Master’s in Psychology, become a licensed psychotherapist and dedicate my life’s work to integrating yoga, meditation and depth psychology.


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Yoga Psychology is a LIVE Yoga Alliance registered 300-HR Advanced Teacher Training in Venice Beach, CA that focuses on integrating the best of science and spirituality.

This is both the highest-caliber professional training, as well as a potent, personal development course.


  • Sign up for individual modules LIVE in Venice, CA.
  • When you complete all 6 modules LIVE, you will be eligible for a Yoga Alliance advanced 300-HR certification.*


  1. YOGA TEACHERS + ASPIRING YOGA TEACHERS who are eager to enhance their skills or add a 300-hr Advanced Training
  2. THERAPISTS, COACHES & HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS wanting to incorporate yoga, meditation, spirituality and breathwork into their clinical practice
  3. DEDICATED STUDENTS ready to deepen their practice, incorporate shadow work, and enter the quest of a deep, inner journey


  • Yoga Prescriptions for emotional, psychological and spiritual healing.
  • Accompanying Yoga Sadhana video to balance each chakra, including yoga, mantra, mudra & meditation.
  • Mantra, Bhakti & Nada Yoga: The power of prayer, sound, ritual & devotion as Heart Medicine.
  • Psychoneuroimmunology & the Neuroscience of “How Yoga + Meditation Works.”
  • Intro to Tantra: The yoga of relationships, Increased intimacy, pleasure and sacred sexuality.
  • Become a Wealthy Yoga Teacher: Get paid what you’re worth, breakthrough scarcity mentality & practical tools to build your business.
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Yoga Psychology


300 HR Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training

in Venice Beach, CA

The curriculum is built sequentially and meant to be taken in order. However, we believe it is beneficial to curate your professional training according to your deepest dharma and heart’s desires. The soul’s calling is a mysterious, non-linear path. Therefore you may choose to sign up for modules individually or combined. It is highly recommended that you attend MODULE 1: THE FOUNDATIONS OF YOGA PSYCHOLOGY first.

* Please note: You will only be eligible for the Yoga Alliance 300 hr. certification upon completion of all 6 LIVE modules.

REQUIREMENTS: When taking the seat of a teacher, we can only lead others as far as we, ourselves, have gone. Please be prepared to do your own shadow work – a necessary component in maintaining integrity and efficacy in your teaching or clinical practice.

Developing and maintaining a formal shadow work/self-inquiry practice (svadhaya), personal sadhana and yoga/meditation practice is required. Personal psychotherapy with a holistic therapist during the course of training is highly recommended.

Emphasis in each module is on leading by example, using your life as your curriculum and teaching/practicing from felt, authentic experience.


Activity: Traditional Lakota Sweatlodge in Malibu


Guest Speaker: Hala Khouri, MA, E-RYT

Introduction to Trauma Informed Yoga

Activity: Kirtan Vinyasa at Bhakti Yoga Shala


Activity: Field Trip to Paramahansana Yogananda’s Lake Shrine


Guest Speaker: Govindas

Art, Practice & History of Bhakti Yoga

Guest Speaker:
Dave Stringer

Kirtan & Yoga


Guest Speaker:
Dawn Cartwright

Chandra Bindu Tantra & Sex Acualization

Guest Speaker:
Mark Whitwell

Heart of Yoga; Love, Sex & Intimacy

Sri Vidya Intimacy & Devotion Puja


Guest Speaker:
Justin Michael Williams

The Business of Yoga & Mindful Marketing

Professional Yoga Photo Shoot with Robert Sturman


Monday – Friday
7am – 11am: Sadhana & Practice
11am – 1pm: Break
1pm – 5pm: Workshop & Training

* 6 – 8pm occasional evening activity; sweat lodge, group ritual, kirtan, etc.
Exact times and activities are subject to change and will vary with each module.


  • You are a yoga teacher ready to up-level your skills and make more money by differentiating in a crowded marketplace
  • You want to help students integrate mental/emotional transformation into the asana practice
  • You are a therapist who wants to weave yoga, meditation and spirituality into your clinical practice
  • You are a dedicated student ready to go on a deep, inner quest
  • You want to be a more potent teacher, leader or entrepreneur
  • Yoga, philosophy and psychology TURN YOU ON
  • You want to enhance your relationships and communication skills
  • You want to meet a powerful community of like-minded seekers and healers worldwide
  • You are ready for your next level of personal development and shadow work to finally heal old wounds
  • You have an open/curious mind and generous heart


  • Focus primarily on the physical asana & do not want to incorporate Spirit or Depth
  • Want to stay locked in a story of insecurity, holding yourself back, blame or fear
  • Like to play the “victim”
  • Are not open to doing deep, inner work to clear holding patterns & limiting beliefs
  • Do not want to open up, bond and build deep, vulnerable friendships based on truth
  • Do not want to take risks and challenge yourself to build the yoga career of your dreams
  • Focus on competition, comparison and scarcity
  • Are righteous, jaded, lazy, disconnected or cynical
  • Do not feel our primary purpose in this life is to awaken and cultivate consciousness
  • Just want to add another training to your resume or acquire a 300hr Yoga Alliance certification
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We are deeply invested in your success as a yoga teacher! Each month, Ashley will host a 60 minute LIVE, private, online mentorship video call with all students in Yoga. Psyche. Soul. This is a unique and rare opportunity to receive in-depth personal development, laser coaching, custom business strategy, guidance on your sadhana and teaching, creative ideas…or any other relevant topic. Bring your burning questions for a rapid-fire Q+A. We want to hear it.

Plus, connect with and get to know your peers around the world.

LIVE Monthly Mentoring:
All calls will be recorded.
Listen anytime. Anywhere.
You get access to previously recorded calls, too.



Receive lifetime access to the digital course. Each of the live modules will be broken down into a combination of short-form video, written lessons, integrative exercises, and homework and accessible to participants of Yoga. Psyche. Soul. You will have lifetime access to all materials in any module you participate in, including the private online forum.

  • ONLINE COURSE – Lifetime Access to all lessons.
  • PRIVATE ONLINE FORUM – One of the most valuable assets of this course is the wealth of knowledge, feedback, inspiration and support gleaned from our global kula. Share case studies, challenges, resources and insights into the emergent field of Yoga Psychology.
“This program has been absolutely PERFECT. Words do not even describe the sweetness of every single moment. Every single truth spoken. Every single tear cried. Every single soul connected. Thank you, Ashley for your truth. Thank you for your path. Your beaty. Your guidance. Your love. Your support. Your magic. Your total and complete being. Thank you!”
Karli Kuruz | Alberta, Canada
“It is said in yoga that when the student is ready the teacher appears. And just like that she did! Ashley, thank you for the most incredible training. The most incredible kula. So glad to be changed and ready to keep fueling the fire from an ocean away.”
Laura Trott | Sydney, Australia
“Ashley teaches the true heart of yoga. This is fabulous and extremely useful information! I’ve not ever had it laid out so concisely and clearly. Thank you!”
Molly Dahl | Genoa, Nevada

Katie Hayward
London, England

Regina Hughes
Portland, Oregon

Cat Davis
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Karli Kruz
Alberta, Canada

Tina Porter
Denver, Colorado

Madison Canary
Orange County, California


Yoga.Psyche.Soul. is a customizable 300-HR Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training. Modules can be taken individually or combined, but all 6 modules are required in order to receive the 300-HR certification.

Modules may be taken in any order, but if it’s possible we do suggest completing Foundations of Yoga Psychology prior to the other modules.

After you register, you will receive a welcome email that includes everything you need to know about the module(s) you are attending.

The email will include links to:

  • Recommended readings + bonus content to help you prepare for the coursework.
  • Private FB group that will allow you to begin connect with other students to coordinate housing and transporation, if desired.
  • A comprehensive PDF travel guide with information about Venice Beach to use as you plan your trip to California.

As the module(s) you’ve registered for approach, you’ll receive a Personal Inventory survey and further information via email.

The training will be held at The Quest in Venice Beach, CA and will begin at 7am on Monday and be complete on Friday at 5pm. We highly suggest planning travel to arrive on the Sunday before the training and depart the Saturday after your module(s) is complete.

This is considered an Advanced teacher training for two reasons:

  1. it is meant to build upon concepts learned in the yoga room as you learn to use the physical asana practice to help process, both on and off the mat;
  2. upon completion of all 6 modules, students earn a 300-hr certification that can be combined with a previous 200-hr for the Yoga Alliance hour requirements for a 500-hr certification.

The idea of an “Advanced” yoga student is tricky, as there are many different definitions of what that could include. This training will be applicable to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of yoga and psychology.

We don’t need more asana. We need more transformation. As such, this training is focused on teaching people to create deeper, sustainable change in their lives.

Yoga.Psyche.Soul. is about understanding what’s going on in the brain, body, and psyche during yoga and meditation so that you can guide your students (and yourself) through deep transformation – both on and off the mat.

The Modules are broken into 6 Pillars:

  • Yoga Psychology + Shadow Work
  • Chakras
  • Meditation
  • Mantra + Sound
  • Relationships + Sex
  • Business + Leadership

Each Pillar is one module and includes guest speakers, and corresponding activities. There is asana practice each day of the training, but the focus is on learning to turn your wounds into wisdom as you learn to apply the teachings of Yoga Psychology to your practice, teaching, and life.

This is a 300-HR Advanced teacher training. It can be combined with a 200-HR certificate to meet the Yoga Alliance requirements for a 500-HR training, but can not be used to fulfill the requirements for a 200-HR training.

A 200-HR is not required to complete the training, but is necessary for the 500-HR requirement.

There are limitless options for 200-HR teacher trainings. We recommend finding the teacher and or studio that resonate best with you, and deciding if you prefer a local option or if you want to travel to a destination for your training. This will allow you to have the best experience.

The training will begin at 7am each day and end at 5pm, with some evening activities included with each module. We recommend that you plan travel to arrive on the Sunday prior to the start of the week and depart on the following Saturday to give yourself time to both prepare and integrate.
This is an investment in yourself and it is important for the type of work we are doing that we hold the container by arriving on time and being fully present for each day of the training. We ask that you plan to be there each week from 7am on Monday to 5pm on Friday.
Modules can be combined to complete the full training in one year, or taken individually. We can not guarantee dates or topics for future modules in advance. That information will be released each year as we open registration.
Hosting the training in other locations is on our minds, but is not something we have in the works at this time. Historically, Venice has always been a destination and there are plenty of things to see and do outside of your training hours. We provide a comprehensive PDF travel guide upon registration, so you can consider this an investment in yourself and plan for a personal retreat/vacation in addition to the training hours.

There is an online training that is included as part of your registration for the live training. The online training can be taken separately, but is not the full 300-HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training as time in person/in the classroom is imperative to the learning required for a teacher training.

A $399 non-refundable deposit is due for each module at the time of registration. When you register, you may pay in full or pay only the deposit.

Any cancellations done 31 or more days prior to event start: The deposit of $399 is non-transferrable and non-refundable. The balance (total cost minus the deposit) is not refundable, but is transferable to future Yoga. Psyche. Soul. events.

Any cancellations done 30 days or less prior to event start: All payments are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Definitely not. While this training will be incredibly beneficial for yoga teachers, this information is also applicable to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of yoga and psychology.


We would love to have you join us on this adventure of a lifetime.

Is your dharma to teach yoga
as mind-body-heart medicine?